Friday, 28 June 2013

3 new countries for IKON in 24 hours.

I have been away for quite a while. My wife was ill, but finally my confidence has returned and IKON left the UK for the first time. 90 minutes down to Calais (France) for customs and fuel and the first overseas landing. I live near Bristol now so the journey to the channel is much shorter. Then on to Tannheim in Southern Germany.

A good trip down mostly at FL75 with a gentle tail wind component. Tannheim is an excellent airfield, a friendly welcome, beer, a good dinner and a bed for the night.

Lots of help next morning advising on the best route into BIG mountains, to Zell am See in Austria where I have a home. Despite bad weather on its way I beat it into Zell. The journey is short but it was daunting for me knowing I was dependent on the donkey keeping working since there was nothing approximating to flat underneath.

At FL75 again, the rocks on each side appeared much closer than they do in these pictures.

Finally I enter the main N/S valley, plenty of flat land underneath, and at the far end of the just visible lake is the airfield. I am lower now and the airfield and lake are at 2500'

Very satisfying to arrive in Austria! I will be here for a while.

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