Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A short trip in the Yorkshire Dales.

Personal issues mean I have not done so much flying for the last 12 months, but I did get out early morning on Valentines Day. I had made up a camera mount, and wanted to see if my little HP camera could record a video.

The result was:
- it can record a video. Just give it a big enough SD card!
- the mount resonates at some prop speeds.
- I need to move it as close as I can to the canopy. Too much dandruff in the picture!

That was an excuse for a trip, so here is the result. We have had a really bad winter in the UK, but my runway has melted and dried enough to get off the ground.

Only the first bit is into the sun, so be patient. I had to be. So here we go!

Postscript 28/2/10 - and here are the landings.

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