Monday, 17 November 2008

Flight Analysis

The AFS3400 is very useful for analysing flight data. During a flight it records around 50 parameters every 5 seconds. I have written a macro that takes this information into Excel and charts it. It then performs some additional features. I want to know in particular where my -4 operates most efficiently in the cruise at a reasonable speed. The grey line at the top of the graph (You will have to double click it to get a large enough display I think) shows where the miles per litre is exceeding 6 and the aircraft is not changing height. This has lead me to cruise, at least at 3000' at 22.5" and 2050rpm. I can lean out to 22lph or a little less and still make good progress. I found these charts useful also for adjusting the baffeling to even out the CHT. Its a carburated engine so only so much can be achieved!

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