Saturday, 21 June 2008

Test Flying

(Double click the graph for a better view)

Here is some data from my third flight. The good news is the CHT temps are all staying well within bounds below 400F. With less than 2hrs on the engine that pleases me. the OT is not a problem either, in fact it could be a bit warmer ideally, but I understand this is typical for an RV4.

Where I do perhaps have a problem is the OP. That is the red line. I presume the pressure relief valve is opening at 104psi and there it sits. I am a bit concerned about this because on the dyno at Aerosport Power it was recorded as running at 76 then 85 psi with cooler oil and a thicker grade.

The heavy left wing I have reported before was proved to be the need for a rudder tab. At the moment a firm foot on the RH rudder pedal makes the heavy wing problem go away.

I am doing my testing between 2/3000'. Not much is getting done because of English 'summer weather'. Because I am running everywhere at 75/80% power she seems like a one speed ship; 180mph (uncalibrated). Gentle downhill, and VNE becomes a problem. The highest speed I have seen recorded yet is 209. It will be interesting to see what happens at 8000' against VANS' numbers.

She remained a pussycat for the fourth landing. She has a personality change once slowed down to 70mph for approach.

I have finally run down why the oil pressure is so high. The explanation is here.

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